File transfer using USB 3.0

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I am trying to transfer my data files from my desktop to an external HDD. These are different types of data containing pictures, music and/or text files. What should be the normal transfer rate if I have it transferred on a USB 3.0? It just seemed to be transferring the data rather slow or at the same speed when connected to a USB 2.0.

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File transfer using USB 3.0

The USB 3.0 have many enhancements over USB 2.0. The main upgrades are
Transfer speed – super speed transfer of 155MB/s read and 150MB/s write
Bandwidth is increased
Power management is more efficient
The bus utilization have been improved
The specific difficulty that you are facing maybe because the power required for the usb 3 may not have been enough. This could happen, and will decrease the performance of the USB 3.0 device. There are special adapters that could derive power from more than one ports. By using that, your problem will be fixed.
Before that, you should try your device in some other machine to check if the problem persists, then it maybe the problem with the HDD drive you are having. In that case you have to contact the service centre.
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File transfer using USB 3.0


Hello Smadisonny,

Well, USB 3.) and 2.0 when it comes to transferring of files is the same it just depends on how big or small the size of the data you will transfer. If the size of the data is big then probably it will take to long for it to transfer however if it size is small it can be transferred in a few seconds or minutes. That's how simple it is.

I hope I have help you. Thank you.



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