“the file is corrupt, damaged, missing, damaged” while updating Norton.

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Error dialogue box on downloading program:

Hello, I am in need of someone to lend a hand with some problems currently I am facing. Although I can save some files on my machine during downloading software yet at the step of "run", I face this error message: "the file is corrupt, damaged, missing, damaged media or incomplete download. I am also having this problem on trying to update Norton.”

I shall be highly obliged for having support from someone, please.  Thanks

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“the file is corrupt, damaged, missing, damaged” while updating Norton.


This can be helpful with the problem you are facing. Please try the following steps if the software was taken from the internet.

  • The browser’s cache should be cleared
  • The download manager you are using should be disabled and download the installer again
  • The installer should be renamed to a simple one-word name and should not contain any special characters (don’t remove the .exe suffix)
  • Try to download the installer from another approved source which is noted by the developer or publisher. (Sometimes the file is corrupted on the server, or the connection is intermittent/unstable from your area)
  • The anti-virus software needs to be updated. If not installed, download it again.
  • The anti-virus software must be disabled and then try to download the installer again.
  • Uninstall the nVidia firewall if you are currently using it and download the installer again.
  • Try to scan and remove viruses and malware existing your computer
  • Try to scan the hard drive using chkdsk, scandisk, or any repair tool for hard drive.

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