“The file cannot be launched on the computer”

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When I add a new file to my group, I am prompted to channelize members for an e-mail which embeds the statement. Nonetheless, when the users go to the content people, ajar a message,

And penetrate the url they get an error message notification that "the file cannot be launched on the computer"

But when I checked the file, it is still there. Why?

What is the problem?

Help please.

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“The file cannot be launched on the computer”


I think you did not check if the file you sent to all of your group members can be opened on different version of Windows or using any other operating systems that they might be using. If the file you sent is an executable [.exe], it is possible that its version doesn’t support some of the operating systems of your fellow group members. You should check again the file’s system compatibility.

You may also check if the file can also be opened on your own local hard drive just to make sure that there is really no problem with the file itself and it is working perfectly fine. Try downloading the file on your local hard drive and then try opening it to see if it’ll work on your system or not. You should check the file’s compatibility again before resending it to your group members.

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