Fifa 09 install with cmd

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how to install fifa 09 using cmd.please help me,give me full method,i cant install the game on my pc

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Fifa 09 install with cmd


Hey dear!

It is very easy to install any program from command prompt.

What you need to do is just to follow these steps.

1. Click on Start Button. Select Run and type cmd.

2. it will open command prompt. Now you have to enter in you CD/DVD drive or where the setup of your game exist

(Suppose if the game is in E drive, type E:/ and hit enter)

3. After that enter in the folder like fifa09/setup.exe and press enter.

4. It will start the setup of your fifa 09.

I hope that you understand the procedure.



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Fifa 09 install with cmd


Installing any software via the command prompt or “cmd” is pretty easy. But that is for users who already know the DOS environment. But for beginners and users who have less interest on learning the DOS environment, this is a big challenge. First up is to download your game first. If you don’t have it yet on your computer, you can download the trial version from Softonic® – Enjoy Software! | FIFA 09.

If you already have the installer, you can now begin the installation. To install it using the command prompt, open the command prompt window. You can either go to Start, Run, then enter “cmd” without double quotes then hit Enter or by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories, and then select “Command Prompt”. This will then open the command prompt window. After this go to the folder where the installer of FIFA 09 is located. To change the directory or drive, type without double quotes “cd [drive letter or directory name]” then hit Enter.

For example, the installer is located in “D:Download”; you need to type “cd d:download”. Next type “dir” then hit Enter to display the files in the directory and to see the file name of the installer you downloaded. Now type the name of the file then hit Enter to start the installation. For example the installer’s name is “FIFA09setup.exe”, simply type “FIFA09setup” then hit Enter or you can also include the extension name like “FIFA09setup.exe” then Enter. Follow the instructions on the setup wizard then wait for it to finish then you’re all set.

Additionally, to change your present drive letter type “cd [drive letter]”, like “cd d:”. To change the current folder or directory, type “cd [path or folder name]”, like “cd download” or “cd d:download”. To navigate between folders, simply type “cd ..” to go outside your current directory.

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Fifa 09 install with cmd


I am a fan of soccer so, I eagerly want to install FIFA 09 game on my PC. Guys all of your tips were excellent and your comments go without saying that they are genius for my problem. I know that installing any software via the command prompt is a very hard task for a beginner because you need to locate the software in the directory so that it may install properly without error. But going with your solution as well as your free and easy process helps me to get the logic how I will install this game on my PC. At last I am able to follow your instructions to carry the task into effect. Thanks one more time for your conceivable comments.

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