Features of New Zilog Z8051 Microcontrollers

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I am randomly browsing some articles today about embedded hardware and have come upon this article about New Zilog Z8051 Microcontrollers. The write-up is obviously promising but I wanted to know if anyone of you here is familiar with this microcontroller. I am very interested to know how it works and how different its features are compared from the others in the market.

Hope someone can give me some very good insights. Thank you.

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Features of New Zilog Z8051 Microcontrollers


A    microcontroller uses the same techniques to shrink the entire computer to a single chip (or very small module.) CPU, Memory, and I/O all in a little package as small as a grain of rice. Just connect up power and it starts doing its thing; computing and talking to the world. Usually the I/O on a microcontroller is aimed at "low level" hardware like talking to individual switches and LEDs instead of keyboards, internet, and displays (like your desktop computer.) A microcontroller is just .thing you want, if you want to talk to individual switches and LEDs..                                        

Well 80 51 are generally for the beginners who are new to it , but generally .. every microcontrollr have its own value.. it depends on our requirement whether what we need for our aim . We can use PIC ,ARm Atmega ..  so many … Cypruss..etc…                     

PIC users will swear by PIC, AVR users will always rant about AVR and then there will be people who will vote for ARM. You cannot compare microcontrollers, it all depends on our need. Learning and implementing projects on different microcontrollers is fun, but when a real setup needs to be formed, then the choice of microcontroller will depend on the requirement. If the requirement is of large no. of I/O lines but not many peripherals are required then the basic 8051 is the  best as it cuts down the cost , maybe OTP version can be used.

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