Fatal error during installation of Quicktime

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I was having trouble with my iTunes in my Vista PC and whenever I connect my iPod touch to one of the USB ports, the PC hangs. 

I wondered what causing this so I reinstalled QuickTime and iTunes. 

While I was installing QuickTime thru Programs and Features in the Control Panel, I got this error message. 

I tried installing iTunes, but it failed too. 

Tried doing this several times but nothing seemed to work. 

I need my iTunes desperately. 

Please help me ASAP.

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Fatal error during installation

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Fatal error during installation of Quicktime


Hallo Andy,

Fatal error during installation occurs when some important installation or set up files are missing from the installer that you are trying to use. And in your case, you are saying that you tried to reinstall iTunes and QuickTime from the control panel. Well, that could be the cause of the problem, because if you do not have internet connection the installer cannot be able to go online and find the software so as to install it.

My advice here is that you go on the internet and download iTunes and QuickTime and then come and install them on your computer manually. First remove any files that may be still on the system of the old programs by running the disk clean up utility,


Mahesh Babu

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Fatal error during installation of Quicktime




You just simply scan your system if there an infected application or files or maybe the QuickTime and iTunes version is not suitable to your system or just simply scan the application to be safe only or to be sure so that we avoid any error or problem if it’s possible and the just simply check the security of your system if the windows firewall is block the Quick Time and ITunes just simply enable that to proceed the installation if it’s possible only and then try other Quick Time and iTunes version or just simply download the new version and then try to install that again to your PC and then after installing the software you just simply restart that to be safe only just simply try that if it’s working at all to your PC. 



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