Maya cannot load the project after updates

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This error appeared while I was working on a project. Luckily I saved my project before this error appears because when I clicked the OK button the program closed. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ?

What is causing this ?

Thank you !


Invalid function parameter ‘msh’ : The mesh Default has an UV face (7356) pointing to a non-existent vertex 540203941

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Maya cannot load the project after updates



One of the possible reasons is may be UVs for the mesh is missing or partially exist, i.e. may present only for few faces and not for all. This may be corrected by making sure of having multiple UV sets, enough to delete the extra ones (for Low poly, High poly doesn’t require), before exporting and baking.

Besides this one more assumption I can think of, that may be OBJ exported is creating conflicts with your geometrical phenomena. Avoid using old exporter, try something like of SBMs, e.g. Make sure about the beta version, if using Blender’s OBJ exporter.   

Hope this will help you.

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Maya cannot load the project after updates


That problem can be either with the project you are working or with the program itself. Restart the computer and try again. If this doesn’t work, try launching the application as admin. Right-click the program and select “Run as administrator”. If the problem continues, try to uninstall and reinstall. Download the free version of Revo Uninstaller and install it.

Once installed, start Revo Uninstaller then select the affected program among the applications and click “Uninstall”. Follow the normal uninstall process. When uninstall is complete, click “Scan” to scan your computer for any leftover files and delete everything it finds. This removes everything the program created on your computer. When it is finished, close Revo Uninstaller then install the program back.

If possible, try also updating the program.

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