Fanless and open-air chassis possible?

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Green Mesh has an open-air PC and claims that it will be dust free. After reviewing the design, I do not understand how it is going to be so. Will the open chassis design enough to keep the system cool?

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Fanless and open-air chassis possible?


Dear David.D.eckr

It is work instead of relying on a fan to suck dust-laden air into the innards to cool the PC, the Green Mesh's openness causes a "chimney effect", due to the fact that hot air rises. This acts as a barrier against dust. That if the case is placed in sunlight, you can actually see dust specks being pushed away.

However with higher voltage power supply unit will not be able to use this method.  This generates a lot of heat. This will stuck with a 300W at the most. That doesn’t require much power. I thought the best thing is to use low voltage power supply unit to reduce the heat and that will work without a problem.

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Amanda Morson

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