Is partition table reason of bad crc?

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Recently I partitioned my Hard Disk. After that I am getting BAD CRC error for most of the compressed file (.zip,.rar). Can anyone please tell me is bad crc occurs for partitioning table in Hard disk?

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Is partition table reason of bad crc?


No. Partitioning hard disk does not cause towards crc errors. In most of the times crc errors occur due to,

* Damages or corruption in files that happens while downloading or copying it

* When the file was sent inappropriately

* The file itself is bad or corrupted or contains errors.

In most of the times they are the common errors. You can solve the problem by

* Re-download the whole archive or the bad file only

* Simple repair (most of the freeware zip programs does contain a repair function)

* You can use the program  "Advanced Zip Repair". You can download it from the internet (do a small Google search for free downloads).

So there is nothing to worry about the hard disk since CRC errors are external.

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Is partition table reason of bad crc?


Hi there,

Yes this error is because of partitioning the hard disk. Actually when we compress a file it keeps records of a certain place of the data in that disk. So it is showing bad CRC error because the positions of the data are misplaced.

You can repair the data from winRaR. In winRaR you will get a button at the most right side in the second option bar. Now select the compressed file and click repair. Now follow the steps it shows you. Your will be able to decompress it by using this steps.

Thank you,

Riley Weaver.

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