Fails to uninstall Adobe Flash Builder 4

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Hello Pals,

I have been unsuccessfully trying to uninstall Adobe Flash Builder 4 from my Mac machine for two days now. Whenever I try to uninstall using the ‘Uninstall’ option from the Adobe Installer, it launches but soon afterwards, I get an ‘uninstallation encountered errors’ message. I tried restarting my machine and uninstalling several times and did not make any progress with removing the software. Then I gave a try at removing the software as one usually does on a Mac machine. I dragged it into trash and then emptied trash. This I imagined had fixed the issue and proceeded to download the installer for Flash Builder 4.6. Then I come to know that I hadn’t really uninstalled Flash Builder 4 because the newly downloaded installer detects ‘previous versions installed’. What next? I am clueless as to what to do next. Please help somebody. Thanks a million for any suggestion offered.



Uninstallation status

Your uninstallation encountered errors.

Please try restarting your computer and uninstall again. If that does not resolve the problem, download and run the adobe CS5 clean Script.

Contact Customer Support for further assistance.

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Fails to uninstall Adobe Flash Builder 4


Hey Pamela,

To get rid of the error message you get when trying to uninstall Adobe, find the exact version of the software that you used to install it originally. Once you run the installer for the already installed version, windows will pick up the installation packager and you can uninstall the software successfully. Once it is removed, you can then install the newer version of Adobe Flash Builder. Optionally, on your Mac, you can go to “Applications”>”utilities/Adobe Installers”, and select Adobe Flash Builder 4 uninstaller. I hope this information helps.

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