Failed to update to SQL Server 2012 RC0

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I am trying to upgrade to SQL Server 2012 RC0 from SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise but it keeps failing and always shows a Rule Check Result error box stating that “Rule “SQL Server 2012 RC0 Feature Upgrade” failed. The specified edition upgrade is not supported. For information about supported upgrade paths, see the SQL Server 2012 RC0 version and edition upgrade in Books Online.” Aside from this, the rest of the rule has passed.  How can I get out of this error?

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Failed to update to SQL Server 2012 RC0



The issue you are facing is not related to your MySQL server, it is in the coding and the version you are using with regards to this problem. There are a couple of options for this that you might want to try and these are:

  1. You  need to check whether your MySQL coding has any bugs in it, and if it does then you should fix your coding from the specific line that has the error. If you cant this is when you need to get someone with experience in MySQL to try and find out where you may have made an error. If you fix this, then your database should run peachy.
  2. If your coding is alright, then you need to check the database version you are using as a server of MySQL is in tandem with the server you are using. Actually this is one big deal with MySQL and you really need to ensure that the MySQL database is compatible with the version you are dealing with. For instance if you are using php, then you had better make sure that it is compatible with php on the server else you need to change the versions

These are the two options that should hopefully get you out of your mire.

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