Failed to merge AVI files into one MKV file

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I receive the following error message using subtitle editor Aegisub.

The video file format is AVI and the problem starts when I try to merge them into one MKV file.

The Aegisub can no longer open the video.

Can you provide me any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

Error setting video

Ffmpegsource factory: FFmpegSource video provider: Failed to index: Can’t create a parser Avisynth factory: AviSynth error: FFVideoSource: Can’t create the parser


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Failed to merge AVI files into one MKV file


Sorry to inform you but FFmpegSource isn't compatible with VOB type or those video files that belong to MPEG Program Stream containers which include MKV. 

Try to remix the MKV file using MKVtoolnix to get a working file. However, you have to encode the video again in order to get a "workraw file".

If you're confident that the frame rate is constant, write an Avisynth script to load a file using another source plugin, start Aegisub and load the script. 

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Failed to merge AVI files into one MKV file


I am confused. The application you used to merge the AVI files into MKV is Aegisub. Aegisub is a free, open-source, cross-platform tool for creating and modifying subtitles. This means the application you used to combine the files is just a subtitle editor. A subtitle editor only modifies the subtitle of the video. They cannot edit videos and merge them into one file.

If you need to merge the AVI files into MKV format, try using ImTOO MPEG Encoder. You can use this to merge the files into one and save it into MKV file format. Once the videos are combined, you can use Aegisub to re-align the subtitle in the video. The application also features a built-in real-time preview of the video to see how the subtitle is doing.

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