Power DVD audio and video skipping

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I am having a problem with the audio and the speed of the videos that I play on Power DVD 11 Version 11.0.2211.53. This is regardless of the video type (VOB, Bluray or DVD). It's as if the videos are skipping several frames thus making the movements on the video  jerky and fast. The movements can be slowed down by selecting the 3/4 speed option but the sound is still not there. When I use another player like VLC, the movies play just fine.

My specs of my computer are as follows:

My PC is a Dell Studio 9100 running Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pak 1 (build 7601)

3.20 Intel Core i7 960 processor, 12 gig of Ram

AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

What is going on with my player? Is there a fix to this problem?


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Power DVD audio and video skipping



Do you have the latest power DVD in your system?

If so, then it is the problem of the software running it. Please visit the forums. Since you are able to play the movie, so you must be sure that there is the plug-in available in your system. As other software like VLC is working file with it, you have no doubts regarding the plug-in. However you may try finding the latest version of the plug-in from the internet. Download the file and the n install it. This will help with and of the players running in your system. Normally all plug-in are free of cost downloadable.


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