Facing problem with USB video Windows 7 drivers?

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I’m having problem with my USB video capturing drivers, they seems to be corrupt due to some reason. 

When I was using Windows XP previously everything was just perfect.

I faced this problem when I upgraded to Windows 7.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Facing problem with USB video Windows 7 drivers?


Upgrading to other operating systems is not a good idea if you have no experience or knowledge about the registry and computer systems. Upgrading can damage your computer actually and can limit you to use more features than your previous computer system.

There are some problems about your drivers. You can check your device manager. Click START, type "device manager" in the search bar and check the device manager if there are drivers that have a "question mark: ? 

If yes, then, you need to install that drivers. You can go to your computer brand to find and download the drivers but like I said, some drivers are not compatible in Windows 7 if your previous system was Windows XP.

Even though, you can use the compatibility solution of Windows 7 to allow you to install XP-based system software or programs, there are no guarantee that it will give you positive results when it comes to your graphics, system and applications.

However, you need to contact your computer company if you do not know how to download and install the drivers.

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Facing problem with USB video Windows 7 drivers?


Hello Shirlyn,

The problem with your USB video capturing drivers possibly due to the upgrade you made.

You will need to make sure that the drivers are up to date too so that they can be able to work on windows 7.

Do the following:

  • Go to start, and then locate Computer.
  • Right click on it, and then choose properties.
  • In the window that will open, click on device manager.
  • Navigate to the USB drivers in the device manager window, and then right click on them.
  • After that update the drivers online.
  • You need to have internet connection for the update to be successful.

Hope this helps.



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