Explanation of features of an LED TV in non-technical language.

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I want to buy a new LED TV with all the latest technologies inside it. The problem is that, I don't know those latest technologies. I have heard that there is something called HD Ready and Full HD. I have searched for the difference on internet and the difference is in their pixels but when I went to the shop, both HD Ready and Full HD appeared same. Also, there is a feature where I can share my mobile screen on LED TV. I don't know its name. I am really serious about buying a new LED TV. Can anyone please answer the above mentioned questions in a non-technical language?

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Explanation of features of an LED TV in non-technical language.



LED means Light-emitting Diode. LED TV is more advanced than LCD display. There are many advantages of LED TV.

LED TV means that only the screen where the pictures are generated and shown is LED. It directly generates light with various colors where old CRT monitors (fat ones) used electron guns to generate colors on the screen. It emits less light and easily controllable which can provide you the best watching experience. Also, you can change the composition of your display quite easily.

LED TV allows you pay less for your electricity. It consumes less electricity and gives better view.

It also allows you to see the TV from any angle. In old LCD, the true color could only available from face-to-face where LED can be seen even from 1 ° angle.

HD Ready means that the TV is able to handle HD signals, pictures and show you the HD pictures when such signal is received. Full HD means it’s completely based on HD, doesn’t matter what signal it is, it’ll show HD pictures.

You should buy a good Full HD TV to give your eyes nice experience and enjoy the entertainment.

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