Explain My Boot Drives To Convert RAID 0 To RAID 1.

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Hey everyone,

Recently, I bought a Laptop in which I wanted 1TB Hard Disk Drive but, It came with 2500GB Hard Disks in the RAID 0 Configuration. I am not happy with my laptop, and I want to upgrade it with Two 2TB Hard Disks. Can someone tell me, how I can Convert RAID 0 to RAID 1?

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Explain My Boot Drives To Convert RAID 0 To RAID 1.


You must check the complete Configuration before buying any device. You will nullify the Manufacturer’s Warranty when you perform the Disk Upgrade. To convert RAID 0 to RAID 1, you can choose any of the options.

1) Method 1.

a. Install one 1TB HDD, and clone the RAID 0 array to the new Hard Disk.

b. Boot your PC, and navigate to the BIOS Menu, and replace RAID 0 with RAID 1.

c. After that, install the second Hard Disk as well as the mirror.

2) Method 2.

a. Make an Image of the RAID 0, and keep it in an external Hard Disk.

b. Insert the two 2TB Hard Disks, and remove the original ones.

c. Change the RAID level to 1 in the BIOS Menu.

d. Restart the PC, and transfer the Disk Image to the new hard Drives.

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