How do I export work from Google sketchup pro to AutoCAD?

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Hallo Artist! I am not able to export my work from Google sketchup pro after spending so much time working on it. I wanted to export the work to AutoCAD for further working. The version that I have is a full one with all features; what could be the problem? Is it something with the installation or the serial? Share your views.

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How do I export work from Google sketchup pro to AutoCAD?

Hi there James Craigos,
The first thing you should know is that exporting models to AutoCAD is available only in Google SketchUp Pro versions 5.0 and above so in order to export files make sure you have the correct version of the Google SketchUp.
Export can be done in five easy steps:
  • Open your Google SketchUp and check that you have all the units set in both, AutoCAD and Google SketchUp.
  • Under the File menu in Google SketchUp select the Export option and next 3D Model.
  • A new pop up window will appear asking you for the name of the model and export type. Choose either DXF or DWG and write the name of your model.
  • Click the Options button. It will give you the AutoCAD export options. You can choose the version of your AutoCAD there just as the parts of your model you'd like to export. You can also skip this step if you don't feel like going through the details.
  • When you're done with determining export options click OK and Export button. 
After the export is completed and the file is saved you will be able to open it in the AutoCAD.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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