Explain About The Computer Not Turning On: Dell Computer Not Turning On

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Hi. I have been trying to turn on my computer, but it is not working. Can you please suggest me some of the probable reasons of the Dell computer not turning on? It will be helpful. Please reply ASAP.

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Explain About The Computer Not Turning On: Dell Computer Not Turning On


Hi. The probable reasons behind the Dell computer not turning on could be-

1) There is no power. Try turning the power on using a different plug point or by resetting the power cord which is connected to the power supply. You can also try swapping the power cord of the monitor with that of the system to check if the desktop turns on or not

2) If the computer does not successfully complete the power on self-tests, then it will not be able to turn on. This can be the case if it does display the logo of Dell but does not show anything ahead of that, if the screen showed something when the start process started but then became blank or if the light of the power screen is orange in color

3) If all the power on self-tests has been successfully completed, the OS will be booted. This can be identified by the hanging of the Windows after displaying the logo of Dell

4) The issue can also be that related to no video. If the power is all good, and no video is displayed on the screen, it means that it is suffering from this issue. Make sure that the power indicator of the desktop is turned on

Hope we helped.

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