How to restore my startup always on diagnostic mode

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I need help on how to restore my startup. I ran msconfig.exe diagnostic once. When I rebooted my computer, it remained in diagnostic mode even after choosing normal startup. I’m afraid I might have deleted some of my programs because I cannot use some of the software anymore including my Dell WLAN card software.

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How to restore my startup always on diagnostic mode


If you are using windows 7 then there is simple way for it. Just insert the installation dvd of the windows and launch a startup repair. It will take sometime but you will be able to get your normal startup back

The following are few general steps just in case if you have any windows.

  1. When you start the computer, keep pressing F8 until a screen comes with lot of options. Run it in Safe Mode.
  2. After it boots up and you see the desktop, start the msconfig again.
  3. Choose the Normal Startup and in the Services tab, check all the options. Do the same in the Startup tab too.
  4. Save and Click Ok. Restart your computer and you will never go to Diagnostic mode.
  5. If you still not able to solve then it is time to install fresh copy of windows.
  6. You can also try updating windows online.

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