Getting redirects on Google sites

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I have created a site using Google sites and set permissions so that each person should log in to their Gmail account in order to see it. Now, when I attempt to sign in to see the site, a message saying ‘the webpage has a redirect loop appears’. I have cleared the caches and cookies but nothing has so far changed. Even opening the site in incognito mode wouldn’t work. How am I supposed to access the site? If the problem is with my set-up levels, how can I change its XML? Please specify all the changes to be made.

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Getting redirects on Google sites

This is not due to any issue with your Google site that you have created. This issue is due to problems with your system. If you try to open the Google site from a different system, it will not show the error.
To solve this issue verify the time and date of your system is correct. Verify the time zone as well. Sometime due to wrong time zone website denied for the log per the policy of the web server.
Try clearing up all the browsing data of the browser. In Google chrome press Ctrl+Shift+Delete. This will open a window. Click on clear browsing data and it will clear browsing history, cookies, cache etc. 
After clear the browsing data check to log into Google. This time you should be able to log in to the Google page and then go to your Google site and it should work.
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Getting redirects on Google sites


The full error reads “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” and displays the message “This webpage has a redirect loop” then the page stops loading. This error can happen when you visit a website and you are redirected from the original URL to a new one but sadly fall into an infinite redirect loop. The web browser then detects the problem and breaks the loop then showing the error.

One reason why you get stuck on this loop can be a problem with the server or in your end. There are different ways how to fix this problem. One is to visit the website with a different web browser. So, if you use Mozilla Firefox when the message appeared, try using a different browser to visit the website like Opera, Google Chrome, or SeaMonkey.

This will help your verify if the problem is with the browser. If this doesn’t work, try clearing your browser data. On any web browser, press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE to bring up the “Clear browsing data” page. In “Clear browsing data” screen, set the time to “the beginning of time” or “Everything” then check all items on the list and click “Clear browsing data”.

See if this works.

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