Existing partition cannot be located problem

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Good Day!

I want to upgrade my OS to Windows 7.

I have I D E Hard disk. But when I’m trying to install I simply get the error message which says ‘partition cannot be done and existing partition cannot be located’.

Any ideas? 

Thank you…

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Existing partition cannot be located problem


Hallo Bazyli,

For you have an IDE hard disk, and then it is possible that you have not connected the jumpers to the hard disk well. May be you have interchanged the hard disk jumper with the DVR drive jumper and therefore you will need to play around with them to figure out the right jumper for the hard disk. The following is an image that shows the right jumper that you should use for the IDE hard disk:

Once you have connected the hard disk cable in the right jumper, the hard drive will be detected and then you can proceed to install windows 7, or upgrade it as you like. When you install, be sure to put in the primary partition which on most computers it is labeled C:


Mahesh Babu

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Existing partition cannot be located problem

Try deleting the hard drive’s partitions once you get to that part of the installation. You need to choose the Custom (Advanced) option to get to this part. If there are several partitions in your hard drives, delete them all, do that after you have backed up all your files though. Then Format the single hard drive partition and see if you can install into that partition.
Also make sure that your hard drive is configured properly, if it’s master or slave. If it’s the only IDE component that you have on that given IDE controller, set it to master. It may not be detected because it is a lone IDE component set as a slave drive.

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