Exif Data and Google Image Search

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I'm curious with how Google Image Search works (meaning where you search by an image) and how Exif data works when a photo is posted on reddit. If I take a photo, remove Exif data on it, and sent it to a friend, it is thrown to Google Image Search and it comes up with the reddit post. How does Google match the photos despite removing Exif data?

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Exif Data and Google Image Search


Hi Wendy,

In below I will discuss about your asking one and after another, first I come to the point how Google Image work by an image?

Google image uses image recognition technology even if they don’t have useful filename or caption. To generate searchable tags for images combined with other sources like Exif metadata and tags to empower search over thousands of content i.e. a fruit, animal, ski, wheel, food etc. Search by an image there are few ways in google image:

  • Log in and click the camera icon in the search box. Paste an image URL for an image hosted on the web or upload an image from your computer.
  • By right clicking on the image to search with any photos on the web.

It works best when the similar content show up in other places on the web. This why, you will get relevant results. The results of search by an image will look dissimilar with normal image or search result pages.

And then how Exif data work

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) format is data which is embedded with each photo taken a camera. This data includes as time of photo was taken, whether the flash was fired, brightness, resolution, ISO. A unique serial number which is provided by a camera.

Regarding your issues “how does Google match the photos despite removing Exif data”? I think it is not possible to match EXIF data by Google even after removing the data, but Google earth can find and match the earth location where the photo was taken, that mean simply the geographical location if the image have.

Hope this will meet you curiosity.

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