Bluetooth headphones: Good Idea, Bad Idea

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I want to get a pair of Bluetooth headphones for my smart phone and my PC. I would like to know more about these headphones: how they work, where to get them, and generally if it’s a good idea to get them or not. Please advice.

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Bluetooth headphones: Good Idea, Bad Idea


Hell John C Woodruff,

With many countries passing hands-free cellular phone laws for motorists, phone users need to either place down the phone while they’re in the car. So in that case a Bluetooth headset can turned to be useful. Here I will Discuss the Pros and Cons of Bluetooth headphones.

Pros –

  • Compatibility

Bluetooth headphones are much more easier and comfortable to use as the don't have any wired stuffs. You can move your neck freely, go where ever you want without any problem. In case of this devices you don't need any compatibility, while wired devices need to be fit in. So this is a plus point.

  • No wires

And one big advantage of using Bluetooth headset is that you don't have any wire. And no wire means no extra problems. In case of a wired one, when driving it can get into the seatbelt or anywhere, and can get twisted. So this is a huge advantage for the Wireless Headphone.

Cons –

  • Value

Since the technology is concerned and the demand in the market. The Bluetooth headsets are costlier than the wired headphones.

  • Power

Wired headset requires less power from the mobile or other device than the wired one. As wired headphones connect with phone the consume more batteries. And Bluetooth headsets also sometimes have mini USB port for data transferring which is also a big pro.

So overall I will definitely recommend you to buy a Bluetooth headset of your choice and just go through. Hope it helps!

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Bluetooth headphones: Good Idea, Bad Idea

Buying a Bluetooth headphone is a very helpful and great idea. These devices are very good and helpful, for me I've been using this for years now and it helps me in a lot of ways. One of them is when I'm driving. This Bluetooth headphone is very portable and easy to use. And will offer a lot fir you. I can recommend one very good Bluetooth headphone device name JABRA.

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