Excel help need for comparison

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I have two excel work sheet which contain sales amount of different customers. First sheet include customer names and sales amounts of a month in two columns.

Second sheet include the customer and sales amounts which is relevant to next month. I want sales amount of each customer of the previous month to extract to the next month sheet in the next column. But the new month include some of the customers from the previous month and other new customers.

How can I do this quickly by using excel function?

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Excel help need for comparison


You are able to do this very quickly and easily by using the Microsoft excel function called “ VLookup”. I will take the following data as an example.

Customers and sales of month of May 2012 are shown in the sheet 1 as follows.

Customers and sales of month of June 2012 are shown in the sheet 2 as follows.

Now in column C in sheet 2 I will put a heading as sales amount May 2012. Then use the Vlookup function as follows.

Go to the column C1 and type the “=vlookup(”.

Click on the “fx” button then the vlookup window will be appeared.

Click on the red arrow in the lookup value box and select the A3 cell.

Again click on the red arrow then the Vlookup window will be opened.

Now click on the red arrow in table array and go to the sheet 1 (Sales may 2012) and select the entire table from customer column.

Now type number “2” in Column index_num and type FALSE in Range Lookup and click ok.

Now copy the formula in Cell C3 in to below cells. Then sales amount of the month of May 2012 have been displayed in that column as follows.

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