Error while trying to upgrade to higher android version

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Hi all,

When I am trying to update the Android versions in the computer I am getting this error message ‘SDK Manager: failed to install’ the concerned folder is not in use by another program or application. After the error I even deactivated the Anti-Virus software. But still the error remains the same. Please help me to sort the error. Thanks.

SDK Manager failed to install

-= Warning!

A folder failed to be renamed or moved. On Windows this typically means that a program is using that folder (for example Windows Explorer or your anti-virus software.)

Please momentarily deactivate your anti-virus software.

Please also close any running programs that may be accessing the directory ‘D:DevelopmentAndroidandroid-sdk-windowsplatform-tools’.

When ready, press YES to try again.

Yes No

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Error while trying to upgrade to higher android version


This is a very common error in some programs that is usually caused by a locked file or folder. In your case, it is not a file that is being locked by a process but an entire folder. If you already deactivated your antivirus when the error appeared and still nothing happened, exit the program and restart your computer again.

Next, check if your antivirus is active or still remained disabled. In case the system restart automatically activated the antivirus, disable it again. Once it is disabled, open Windows Explorer and navigate to “D:DevelopmentAndroidandroid-sdk-windowsplatform-tools”. We now need to check if the folder is still in use by a process in your system.

Go back one folder and rename the folder “platform-tools” to a different name. If the folder is now not being used by any process you will be able to rename the folder successfully. If this is successful, restore the folder’s original name and then begin updating your program. This should fix the problem.

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