Error while trying to submit ebay listing

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I am getting the following error while trying to submit my items on the ebay last day? Does someone know what is this about how to resolve it?

Review your listing You can not submit your listing due to the following problems Please enter a valid value An error has occurred Go back and edit my listing

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Error while trying to submit ebay listing


Hello, Wilton Lanford!

You did not cause this error and you are not responsible for getting this error from eBay.

There is a technical problem on eBay. So, eBay is the one responsible in fixing that problem.

You need to contact them by letting them know your problem.

Here is the link for their contact form.

I hope that your problem will be resolved.

Have a good day.

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Error while trying to submit ebay listing


Are you sure you have entered all valid values before submitting the listing. From the error it seems like the problem is with the entered value.

Another reason may be a possible network failure. You can retry filling the information and submit. If the error persists, you should contact ebay customer service for solution.

Hope this helps!


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Error while trying to submit ebay listing


When my sister’s friend was trying to sell a property owned by their relative, I tried posting it on eBay to expand the options. When I was posting it, the details are somewhat a little complicated and you need to read the information carefully to fully understand it. After a little trial and error, I managed to post it.

In your case, there is probably something wrong with the details in your listing or it is probably incomplete. The following details are required when posting an item to sell on eBay:

  • Select a category
  • Write a good title and description
  • Enter item specifics
  • Upload pictures
  • Select a listing format
  • Select a price
  • Select a listing duration
  • Provide payment information
  • Provide shipping information
  • Indicate your return policy
  • Select listing upgrades

To see the complete information about these details, go to Creating a Listing on eBay.

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