Error while running full virus scan with avast!

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I have a Toshiba laptop and I am using Windows 7 Home.

I am using avast! Antivirus (free version) and am trying to clean up my computer for viruses. I use Google Chrome on my account, but my family used to use Internet Explorer (I'm pretty sure I deleted it). I recently checked Add/Remove Programs and it revealed that I have Ask Toolbar installed, which I know puts a bunch of viruses and stuff on your computer.

Now seeing this, I ran a full virus scan with avast! And it found 4 threats and was able to move it to the chest. Then, it scheduled a boot scan. The boot scan was in progress when I received this error message:

Error 42111 (This operation is not supported by this Archive type)

it wouldn't allow me to delete, move to virus chest, or repair the file. It only let me skip over the file. I'm not sure why I can't delete the virus (or file with the virus).

Please provide instructions on how I can fix this problem, and how I can make sure I get rid of Internet Explorer so that Ask Toolbar can't install again.


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Error while running full virus scan with avast!


Hi Mister,


 You know that the internet explorer is a main part of the Operating System in a computer. When you Delete it you cannot Update anything Includes your antivirus system. So if there is no antivirus system in your computer, it will delete the Critical System files.  So for these reasons however you want to re-install the Internet Explorer. It wants to be a Clean copy. So If you re-install Internet explorer you can solve this problem.


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Error while running full virus scan with avast!


Hi Ingrid,

                You don’t need to worry about this error message this just only means that the file is sent to the Virus Lab of Avast for checking so you can avoid getting False scan that makes non virus files be part of the exclusion. However, regarding Internet Explorer you can’t completely remove in the computer as this is the back bone of your other Internet browser, you can downgrade the version but not the software.

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