Error while opening the dependency checker tools

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Hey all,

I am trying to use the Part 1 Hands on Labs. I opened up the dependency checker tools and used them.

Then, I got the following error: If I want to use IIS to configure https: "This dependency could not be verified. Install components above this one first"

Dependency Checker

This could not be verified.Install components above this

one first.


Do you know what could be wrong?  I would really appreciate any advice you may have.

Thanks in advance.

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Error while opening the dependency checker tools


There is more information, i mean versions of pm modules:

Checking perl modules …

Checking for AppConfig (v1.52) ok: found v1.66

Checking for CGI (v2.93) ok: found v3.15

Checking for Data:umper (any) ok: found v2.121_08

Checking for Date::Format (v2.21) ok: found v2.22

Checking for DBI (v1.38) ok: found v1.52

Checking for File::Spec (v0.84) ok: found v3.12

Checking for File::Temp (any) ok: found v0.16

Checking for Template (v2.10) ok: found v2.19

Checking for Text::Wrap (v2001.0131) ok: found v2005.082401

Checking for Mail::Mailer (v1.67) ok: found v2.02

Checking for MIME::Base64 (v3.01) ok: found v3.07

Checking for MIME::Parser (v5.406) ok: found v5.425

Checking for Storable (any) ok: found v2.15


The following Perl modules are optional:

Checking for GD (v1.20) ok: found v2.35

Checking for Template::Plugin::GD::Image (any) ok: found v1.56

Checking for Chart::Base (v1.0) not found

Checking for XML::Twig (any) ok: found v3.32

Checking for GD::Graph (any) ok: found v1.44

Checking for GD::Text::Align (any) ok: found v1.18

Checking for PatchReader (v0.9.4) ok: found v0.9.5

Checking for Image::Magick (any) ok: found v6.2.8

Checking for HTML::Parser (v3.40) ok: found v3.55

Checking for HTML::Scrubber (any) ok: found v0.08

If you want to see graphical bug charts (plotting historical data over

time), you should install libgd and the following Perl modules:

Chart: /usr/bin/perl -MCPAN -e 'install "Chart::Base"'

Checking user setup …

Removing existing compiled templates …

Precompiling templates …

Checking for DBD::mysql (v2.9003) ok: found v4.006

Checking for MySQL (v4.0.14) ok: found v5.0.22

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