Error when using Photoshop and After Effects

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I am using Photoshop for editing images and at the same time using After Effects to animate these images.  By the way, these are all Adobe Software.  Anyway, one time I got this error message, see below. 

I was a bit puzzled by the error message mentioning about Pixel Bender.  I tried to search the web but I didn’t get any appropriate solution for it. 

Any ideas? Please help.

A photoshop

Pixel Bender Error

A pixel bender error occurred:

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Error when using Photoshop and After Effects


Hallo AileenV,

The pixel bend error you are experiencing when using Photoshop is most certainly due to a bug in the drivers in the video card drivers. It also may be because the pixel bend toolkit version that you are using has crushed and therefore the drivers have been messed up. Or you may have changed the preferences in the toolkit hence the problem that you are having.

What I will advise that you do is that you should try uninstalling the pixel bend toolkit version you are using and get the latest version which I believe should be pixel bender toolkit 2.5 and install it and see if the problem will be fixed.

Hope this helps.

Mahesh Babu

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