Error when reclaiming space using StoreVault S500

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I encountered an out of disk error with our StoreVault S500 and I was trying to reclaim some space. 

However, I got this error message (see screenshot below). 

Our system administrator just resigned so I am a newbie in these tasks. 

I turned to this forum hoping I can get answers from you guys. 

Please help. 

Any advice on what to do next? 

StoreVault Manager

Error 13114: Volume ‘sis_largemb_db’ cannot be destroyed because it has clone volumes

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Error when reclaiming space using StoreVault S500


Hallo MarArc,

The reason why you got that error when trying to reclaim some space with the StoreVault S500 possibly because there is not enough space on that particular volume on which you are trying to reclaim the space, and therefore I will advise that you check the amount of volume available by running the df -h command in the command line.

In case you have enough volume then you can run the command vol options 'lun name' and then see if you are guaranteed some volume, in case you are then you will have change that to none of the volume is guaranteed, and for that you will use the command vol options 'lun name' guarantee none, and then rerun the lun and then run the StoreVault S500 and see if it works this time. When done reclaiming the space ensure that you guarantee the volume, and this you will use vol options 'lun name' guarantee volume.


Mahesh Babu


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Error when reclaiming space using StoreVault S500



I recommend or advice you to attempt to defrag it.

How you defrag you’re system, simply try to click the start menu, then choose my computer then click it and then after that simply right-click the drive C: then simply choose the properties and select the tools then you can see the defragmentation menu from the tools simply click that then start defragging your unit.

Try to install the advanced windows care to your system then attempt to scan the application, and then repair the establish errors to your machine; simply try that if it’s possible only.


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