Error when installing Windows XP

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When I install Windows XP on my PC after 24% process stops and there is a message saying that the files cannot be copied?

What is this error and how to fix this?

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Error when installing Windows XP



Sometimes antivirus can stop us installing Windows XP to our system. Although there could be other reasons why the installation may stop responding and won’t copy the necessary file to continue with the installation. What I would recommend first is to uninstall whatever antivirus you are using.
Of course it would be best that you make sure first that the antivirus you have is going to be compatible with Windows XP so that once the installation of the Operating System is successful you may be able to reinstall your antivirus.
Be aware though that once you have turned off or uninstalled your antivirus your computer is going to be susceptible to viruses and malware. If you decide to try this work½around, just follow the steps below for resolution:
  • Cancel the Windows XP Setup to go back to your previous Operating System.
  • Turn off or uninstall your antivirus.
  • Run the Windows XP Setup then install the said Operating System.
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Error when installing Windows XP


It looks like that system is properly recognizing the software CD and process of installation proceeds correctly.

So possibility of having some software error is too low.

The Installation might discontinue if the system cannot copy files from the CD.

It is therefore possible that the Windows installation disk you are using is scratched, grubby, or dirty.

Clean the disk with a soft cloth if it is dirty or grubby and insert it in the CD or DVD drive.

If your installation disk is damaged and have many scratches, you might need to replace it.

Begin the Windows installation again with new and/or same CD after cleaning and check carefully the whole process.


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Error when installing Windows XP


It is the most common problem in installing windows. There are 5 reasons to show "files cannot be copied".

There are given below:
  • If your windows Installation disk is pirated.
  • If your windows Installation disk is missing some data that continuing with that file.
  • If your Windows Installation disk is scratched.
  • If you skip any step of installation.
  • If any problem of requirement to install Windows XP to your PC.
Your Solution:
At first you change your installation disk. It is best to use Original version of the disk.
After that you should to take a step to step Installation process never skip any step. You should better learn about how to install Windows XP properly.
Thank you.
Best of luck.

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