Installed program disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching

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I’m running my computer in a Windows XP Service Pack 2. I’ve created three accounts for me and my younger brother which is shown on my welcome screen. I enabled the fast switching so that I can log on to multiple user account. Recently I’ve been encountering some issue I lost my welcome screen and I wasn’t able to access my brother’s account though I was able to login to my account. When I try to enable fast user switching an error will appear. I tried to disable my fast switching but I won’t let me. My Window screen and fast switching disabled.

What would be the best remedy for this error? I plan to use system restore but that would be the last and go back to my previous system configuration settings but don’t know if it will work? Is there any other solution there?
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Installed program disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching


Now that's your problem, it looks like some virus is in your PC so try to resolve it. Any how I will tell you here how to enable your disabled welcome screen and fast user switching.

Follow these steps:

Go to START and select RUN

Type " " it will show you a window in this window go to the following Path:

Local Computer policy, Computer configuration, administrative templates, System, Logon 

Now it will look like that:

Now you know what to do here “yes” you have to enable the service and any other service you want to enable.

And that's it. FAST user can also be applied by “Window key + L “Ok, you know that …..

Robort paul.


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