Error shown that destination volume is full

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Hello experts,

I am backing up my most important volume to another internal drive – both are in 3TB. My system runs Mac 10.7.4.

I have set CCC as follows:

Also, CCC duplicates the chosen items from "MacPro 1" to "MacPro 2".

Yet, if you back to this target in the past, the items that have been customized since the previous backup task will be duplicated.

• Folders and Files unique to the target will be shifted to the "_CCC Archives" folder.

• Also, files on the target will be brought up to date if the modification date or size differs.

• Previous versions will be archived. (Update files)

• CCC will clip archive item until 15 GB of free space is accessible on the "MacPro 2" volume.

In spite of having the free space situation, CCC cannot backup and also reporting a "destination is full error".

Really, I just have 4MB free in my backup drive.

The source (I mean my main drive) contains just 1.2TB data.

I need to solve this error message. Please give me a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Error shown that destination volume is full


Clip archive item until 15 GB of free space is too small. The right configuration is the value of that default value should at least as high as the size of the data that you copied each time. So for you to solve this issue, change that 15GB default value to 30-50GB and try it again and see if it will work. If still didn’t work, try to set it to a higher value like 60-70GB.  If you don’t know how to do that, follow these steps.

  1. Select Destination in CCC main window
  2. Click Customize these settings button
  3. Then you can now adjust the value, enter what I recommended.
  4. Click “Schedule this task” to create new, and then delete the old back up.

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