Error message when trying to save and close a file.

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Hello friends,

I am getting this error message when I was trying to save and close a file after I have created the model. I’m unable to open that file now (see image error below).

Can someone help me try to understand what this error message is telling? And are there any ways to fix and recover my latest work?

Please help me. Thanks.


Seek failed on z:Data Files8190.010 Sabatini ResidenceMODELsrevised scheme 04 REV. BATH.rvt


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Error message when trying to save and close a file.


This seems to be a programming error that is not working for some special case. The fact is that the system is supporting the thread in a really easy manner. The data that is found on the system does not actually own to itself. Unlike other system that open the database and manually enter.

The file SEEK means that the file pointer changes its position for some use in the file. Means repositioning the file pointer failed, the forum for the software help. Please specify the program that is creating the problems. The Error code that is making such problems. The SEEK mechanism is up only with the file then See blocks on the file by firewall or antivirus or access permissions.

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