Error message shown Assertion failed:_mutationState!=NULL

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Any person with an idea of what is going on here, when compiling the example code: CPTestApp-iPhone and others, I get the error message that “Assertion failed:_mutationState !=NULL”?

Assertion failed:_mutationState !=NULL
lntenal Error
Flle: /Source:Cache/DevToolsBase/DevToolsBase-1204/pbxcore/Target
Line: 1034
Object: <PBXBuildLogRuleInvocationItem:0x02fa09c0>
Method: addAnyPendinglnclussionItems
Assertion failed: _mutationState !- NULL.
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Error message shown Assertion failed:_mutationState!=NULL



The main reason why you are getting this error is because there are problems with the build. The file "coreplot.h" uses wrong folder directory.  If you try to run the build, the application will stop in debug mode and you will get the following error: "EXC_BAD_ACCESS".  Even if you follow the instructions for a mac application you still get errors. The problem is that Universal Library does not compile on 
'XCode 4.5" you will have to clone the latest repository (with Mercurial) and rebuild that project since it has the fix for "Xcode". Check this project from the Google group and check this tutorial that has comments that will help you fix all the errors.
I hope this is useful.

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