Error ‘fan 90b’ Occurred While Working On My Laptop

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Yesterday I was installing an electronics software on my hp laptop, and just after installation when I was about to start the working I found this displayed.

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Error ‘fan 90b’ Occurred While Working On My Laptop


The above problem had been encountered in laptops that are old enough with time, and those have been used a lot as per their functioning lifetime and limits.

It is a hardware issue of a cooling fan, the system fan is not spinning at the required speed, or a problem exists related to the heat removal system.

To remove this error, various following things can be done-

  • Firstly, if warm air is being blown by the fan, possibilities are there that dust is accumulated at vent openings. The dust can be removed by cleaning the vent openings and internal cooling components. If you cannot do it by yourself, please take help of laptop repair expert.
  • You can also clear the message, boot the system and afterward perform a hard reset of the system. The hard reset can optimize the thermal values of the system
  • You can also update your BIOS (Basic input/ output of system). Due to frequent download, installation, etc. of various software’s and extra usage of the laptop the BIOS had become weak.
  • If necessity is there, then you can also replace the fan of the laptop too by yourself or by any repair shop.
  • Lastly, you can also check if any of other parts of the laptop are also not working which might also create a problem.
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Error ‘fan 90b’ Occurred While Working On My Laptop


The problem there is the system fan or the cooling fan assigned to the processor. In a standard CPU tower, there are different cooling fans installed. There is a cooling fan for the CPU or the processor, for the tower enclosure, and the video card. The problem that was detected in that error was with the CPU cooling fan.

One possible reason is if the cooling fan stops working or it operates at a much lower speed. When this happens, continue using the computer is not recommended because it can damage the processor itself. You might end up frying the processor. In this case, you need to replace the cooling fan with a new one.

This problem can also happen when the cooling fan operates at a much faster rate than normal. This happens when you install a modified cooling fan which operates at the fastest speed. The motherboard detects this and will trigger an error when the cycle rate is above the scale.

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