Error with eclipse IDE installation

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I have installed zend server as well Eclipse IDE. When i try to run Eclipse a pop up raised.

How can i get rid of the error?


Windows Security Alert

Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program

Windows Firewall has blocked some features of eclipse-php on all public and private networks.

Name: eclipse-php

Publisher: Unknown

Path: G:setup fileseclipse-phpeclipse-php.exe

Allow eclipse-php to communicate on these networks:

Private networks, such as my home or work network

Public networks, such as those in airports and coffee shops (not recommended because these networks often have little or no security)

What are the risks of allowing a program through a firewall/

Allow Access Cancel

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Error with eclipse IDE installation




This message appears everytime you open Esclipse due to the fact that windows firewall doesn't recognize the program. Firewall thinks that there are harmful components this program may bring. You need to introduce Eclipse to the windows firewall so the next time you open it, application runs smoothly.

Click Start->Run. Type "firewall.cpl" on the input box. This will launch the windows firewall. On the Outbound Rules, right click, click on New Rule. The default clicked radio button is "Program". Click Next and locate the executable of Eclipse.Click next, choose Allow Connection from the radio buttons. Click next, enter name for the new rule and click finish. Do the same for the "Inbound Rules".


I hope it helps.



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Error with eclipse IDE installation



This is a windows firewall consequence. This is for the safety of the computer. Your firewall is not introduced to the zend server as well Eclipse IDE you installed. You may make recognition sync to the firewall database to stop this pop-up.


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Error with eclipse IDE installation


This is just a typical Windows Firewall alert which happens when a program you started tried initiating a connection outside your network. This is actually not an error but a notice to the user to let him know that a particular program tried to access an outside network. Windows Firewall normally blocks this kind of program and no incoming or outgoing connection is allowed.

Clicking “Allow access” will permit the program to connect to the outside network. Do this only if you know the program and it is safe because this can cause security problems if you don’t know what you are doing. Since you are using Zend Server and Eclipse IDE, there should be no problem. You can allow access to the program by clicking “Allow access”.

As a precaution, if you don’t know much about the program getting blocked by Windows Firewall, do not click “Allow access” so the operating system can continue blocking the program.

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