Error Copying Large File from Network Share

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Hi all,

I am trying to copy a 6 GB file from a network, shared to my local hard disk. The copying process stops with this error around 50%: "Insufficient server memory to perform the requested function." Smaller files are copied successfully. Restarting the server, hosting the network share, helps sometimes but is there a better solution?
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and have 3 GB of RAM installed.
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Error Copying Large File from Network Share


Hello John.

Windows Explorer sometimes has problems handling copying of files. It seems there is some problem with how the data is cached during transfer. One tool that I've found very useful is Teracopy.

Teracopy takes over Windows Explorer's copy handler and offers vast improvements over Windows Explorer when it comes to transferring files. It adjusts buffers dynamically, depending on whether you are copying from one hard drive to another hard drive on the same machine, or copying from one partition to another partition in the same hard drive, or copying from hard drive to USB drive and vice versa.

In case an error is encountered in the middle of file transfers, it has a way to recover. Another great thing is if you are copying multiple files, it queues the files automatically, unlike Windows Explorer that tries to copy files in parallel resulting to slow file transfer and lots of hard drive thrashing.

One more great feature is it can verify the transferred files via CRC so you never have to worry if you copied a file correctly or not.

Teracopy is one tool that I always installed every time I setup a Windows OS. 

Hope this helps!

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Error Copying Large File from Network Share


Vast information if scattered in web regarding transferring file problem. This could be an error when you have a HDD or any other storage device which is not properly configured. Like it was not formatted correctly. If your HDD is working properly, the main reason for this error is cabling matters. Check your cable. It must be a crossover cable and not a straight cable.


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