Error Code 0x800a0046, How To Deal With It?

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I have a Windows PC, and while I was trying to update it, I got this error code, 0x800a0046. I am not able to fix it, so if anyone can suggest me ways, it would be a great help.

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Error Code 0x800a0046, How To Deal With It?


To fix this error, run Windows update FixIt. This tool will help in fixing errors that are there regarding Windows updates.

You can also try the Zap-It tool by ESET that will restore your hidden information, after running that you will be able to get Windows updates again.

Sometimes while browsing the web, we hide the installation popup of Windows updates, so make sure that Windows updates are visible.

When Automatic update services are run by using another user account, this error can occur. To fix that issue, find automatic updates in the services list and choose properties. Then select the Logon tab admission button for a local system account. If it doesn’t fix the issue, then restart the computer and do the process in the account that you use for automatic updates.

If it doesn’t work, then remove the user account that is showing this difficulty from the member of tab in computer management. To do so click Start, click Run, type control admin tools and then click ok. You will get the popup where there will be a tab for computer management use that to remove the user account.

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