Why showing error message of my PC?

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My computer is Dual core configuration. Now I face one problem. When I open my PC then I get one error code message and it Error code 0×00000709. What does this mean? I do not understand why this message is showing. I check every connection of my PC. Now what can I do? Please help me.

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Why showing error message of my PC?


Hello Rajib,

I personally faced this problem and i found a solution to fix the problem. So if you want to repair the problem and this error. First you have to install some of software which I am going to suggest you. This software is actually made for suck kind of problems and errors.

  • Update the Windows Driver to fully update the system from this link 


  • Download the repairer of 0x00000709 to repair your error from this link 


Secondly there might be some kind of spy ware or virus problem in your system. Your system might be harmed by some of virus. So you should install spy ware remover to clean your computer.

After installation the above software you just open the tools to repair the error. 

Hope this will be enough for your problem

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Why showing error message of my PC?


It is some networking error  and it comes when there is some printer error in your PC. If you are using some printer then make sure it is working fine and it is fully functional. If you are not using any printer device then you can check all other components of your PC i also need to know here when this problem comes is the message come on each time you run your computer or after some time if it comes on start up then i may be some software problem or some hardware problem.

It can be checked and then can be solved easily but you have to go through step by step and them you can solve your problem. You can change your windows to solve problem if there is some software problem, if there is some hardware problem then you can check that hardware and then you can replace that hardware and your problem will be solved.

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