Error 1935 on OpenOffice Installation

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I am having an Error 1935 while installing OpenOffice. I am running Windows 7. How can I correct the error?

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Error 1935 on OpenOffice Installation



Hello Joseph,

ERROR 1935 is a fairly common error when installing applications that make use of Windows Installer.  Applications that use Windows Installer can be identified by their ".msi" file extension.  There are several ways to fix the said error.  Below are some of the more common fixes:

1.  Cleaning up of the registry.  Errors in the registry can mess up Windows Installer since it checks for various registry keys prior to execution.  It is not advisable to clean up the registry manually.  Use a 3rd party tool to clean up your registry.  Good registry cleaning tools usually create backups of the registry before modifying anything.

2.  Fixing DLL errors.  To ensure that all system files are working properly, run the System File Checker (commonly known as "sfc") of Windows.  Open a Command Prompt with Administrative privileges and type "sfc /scannow" at the command prompt.  SFC will scan your system for corrupt or missing files and will fix the errors automatically.

3.  Uninstall .NET framework and reinstall it.

Hope this helps!



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Error 1935 on OpenOffice Installation



Looking at the system requirements of Apache OpenOffice and seeing your operating system doesn’t seem to create any problem regarding system compatibility. Windows 7 is one of the operating systems Apache OpenOffice supports; that’s why I’m sure the problem is not related to incompatibility which is sometimes the reason why a user encounters a problem during the installation. As for the list of operating systems, Apache OpenOffice supports Windows 2000 [works only with OpenOffice 3.3.0 and earlier versions], Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, and also x86 and x86-64 GNU/Linux [DEB and RPM-based distributions], x86 Solaris [also Sparc], and Mac OS X both x86 and PowerPC.

The “error 1935” error message is very common when installing Microsoft Student, Microsoft Works, as well as Microsoft Encarta which normally looks like this:

According to Microsoft, this problem happens because of third-party programs and the programs running in the background of the computer. To fix this problem, run an anti-spyware program on your computer. After that, delete temporary files on your computer through the command prompt.

  • Click Start then Run.
  • Enter without quotes “cmd” then hit Enter.
  • Type without quotes “cdwindowstemp” and then hit Enter.
  • Enter without quotes “del *.tmp” and then hit Enter.
  • Type without quotes “exit” to close command prompt window.

After this procedure, empty your recycle bin from your desktop and then try installing it again.

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Error 1935 on OpenOffice Installation


Sometimes I visit to mitigate my thirst of knowledge. Thanks friends from the core of my heart. On seeing this error, I stumbled on the way of computing, I was at a loss about what to do. I have tried to fix this problem myself, but I did not achieve any fruitful result. Techyv experts, all of your comments were good but Sharath your comment helped me to walk the right way. Re-examining your comment I have come to know that Windows 7 is compatible with Apache OpenOffice, and it does not have a problem, this problem is occurring in a third – party program which I was not aware of. Now, abiding to your instructions, running anti-spyware, deleting temporary files, I have gotten rid of this error. I feel so very happy because the Apache OpenOffice runs smoothly on my Windows 7 operating system. Thanks Sharath for your helping hand.

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