Error 1309 Error reading from file: U:SKU111.CAB.

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Good day to all readers, I am posting here my experience in installing Microsoft Office 2003, while in the middle of the installation process I received an error message about a file error.

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

Error 1309 Error reading from file: U:SKU111.CAB.

Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

As I read on the error message above, it pointing to a CAB file, as I checked on the file, it is present in the CD installer, I tried cleaning the CD installer and the CD drive itself, but when I tried installing again, same error message appeared that made the installation process stop.

I am now asking for some advice on what shall I do with my CD installer to revive its life.

Thank a lot.

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Error 1309 Error reading from file: U:SKU111.CAB.


Good day Simon,

This error occurs because your CD Drive cannot read the file from your cd installer.
Please try this procedures:

  1. Use a different CD drive (borrow a CD drive or external CD drive)
  2. Copying your Office 2003 installer to your hard drive then install it
  3. Create another copy of your installer
  4. Follow Microsoft's instruction to address this issue, Please see the link

Doing this procedures it will help you isolate your problem by identifying if your CD drive or Office 2003 installer is defective.

Hope this would help you.


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Error 1309 Error reading from file: U:SKU111.CAB.


Hey Simoncalm,

It's due to the Office version previously installed on the system. The older and newer files are collapsing with each other. Remove the CD and first check for any installed version of MS Office or MS outlook. Remove them all. Also remove MS Office folder (if any) from program files.

After uninstalling restart the system. Insert the 2003 CD again and try reinstalling again. The problem shouldn’t occur. You may face such problem while installing other Office components such as MS Project or others. The reason is almost same as MS project has clashes with already installed MS Office.

I hope your concerned problem is resolved.

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