Error 0x580515 A generic error of Microsoft Exchange Item Provider

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Hi there,

While I was trying to make the update of my Mailbox in Microsoft Exchange Server this errors appeared and I am stuck with this. I really need to make a backup and I’ve followed the steps from the website and is not working, I didn’t miss anything. Does anyone have time to help me to solve this error please ?

Thank you !

A generic error of Microsoft Exchange Item Provider.

A generic error of Microsoft Exchange Item Provider.

Error: 0x580515



Tag: 0x43308X0AE1189F4

Failed to browse Microsoft Exchange Server.

Error: 0x5B001E



Tag: 0Xe45d4302de4b8881

Cannot connect to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Error: 5B0006$module=”arx_agent_vs_34514”

Tag: 0x9F4D875A39EF5AB8

Failed to create the process.

Error: 0x12C000A


Tag: 0xfd666990853c608c

A required privilege is not held by the client

Error: 0xFFF0



Tag: 0xBD28FDBD64ED88E0

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Error 0x580515 A generic error of Microsoft Exchange Item Provider



You’re facing such trouble because Acronis Backup & Recovery doesn’t have the necessary permission to perform the task.

In order to produce accessibility for your user account:

1. Go to Start menu >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Local Security Policy.

2. From the left pane, navigate to Local Policies >> User Rights Assignment.

3. From the right list, find out and double-click on “Adjust memory quotas for a process”.

4. Click “Add User or Group…”

5. Click “Advanced…”

6. Click “Find Now”.

7. Select your user account and press “OK”.

8. Press “Apply” >> “OK”.

Now, do the same to the following policies found in the “Local Security Policy” list.

  • Replace a process level token
  • Adjust memory quotas for a process

After finishing,

1. Go to Start menu >> type “services.msc” >> hit Enter.

2. Scroll down and find out “Acronis Managed Machine Service”.

3. Right-click and select “Restart”.

Now, your problem should have solved.

For more information, you may contact this Acronis KB.

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