Morocco will soon adopt LTE Network

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I heard that Morocco will have LTE network for their mobile broadband services by 2014. What will they benefit from such change? Will the Philippines also adopt LTE network in the future? 

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Morocco will soon adopt LTE Network



LTE is a very good technology and of course, all country that are going to such technology will surely benefit in terms of cellular data connectivity. LTE usage includes better usage of available Spectrum, faster data rates, and reduced transport cost per-gigabyte. It will also result to a simpler Network Architecture. LTE development can affect ones economy as well by being able to give higher bandwidth and lower latency which can greatly excite customers to purchase the technology. thus creating more business opportunities for cellular companies to expand.

Yes, As a matter of fact, Philippines already got LTE technology and is being offered by a company called Smart Communications. Also, Its number one competitor, Globe Telecommunications is going to deliver its LTE to the Philippines by the last quarter of this year.

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Morocco will soon adopt LTE Network


LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It is the next enhancement in mobile technology and is the fourth generation mobile technology evolved from its predecessors 1G, 2G, and 3G. Among its advantages include:

  • * Sends and receives data at a much rapid rate and lessens network traffic.
  • * It allows more users to use the same frequency therefore raising the total number of users who can access the technology.
  • * Download and upload speeds are quicker while reducing lag.
  • * More focused on VoIP which support more mobile capacity.
  • * Offers better end-user overall experience.

Along with its many advantages are its disadvantages:

  • * Networks require additional antennas for data transmission.
  • * End-users require 4G-supported handsets to be able to use and access the network.

The LTE technology is more focused both on the download and upload speeds unlike the earlier network technologies used. It has created an environment that allows application developers to create more options that improves the user’s experience.

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