Encountering errors during backup in Apple iPhone 3G

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I’m using an apple 3G iPhone. An error message occurred while trying to give protection to my phone using iTunes 8.

The message is: "computer cannot save backup, so using iTunes iPhone backup is not possible".

I didn’t encounter any problems  on my previous backups  but now I’m facing this backup problem with my iPhone.

I restored my phone to get rid of this but the problem was not  resolved.

Please help me with the information about the error and a way to solve it?

Thank you very much.

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Encountering errors during backup in Apple iPhone 3G


To solve this issue you''ve got to be the administrator of the device during which you're attempting to try to do.

Follow the steps place forward to unravel this problem:

1. Backing up your backup:
Initially, any backup issue confirms that you simply have to copy to the backup recently. ITunes has the backup files in below the address:
For Windows: Users > (username) > AppData > Roaming > AppleComputer > Mobile Sync > Backup
2. Update to latest software:
Update the ITunes and computer’s (OS) to the newest version offered.
3. Verify Security Settings:
Mostly make copy problems happen attributable to out of date or incorrectly organized security computer code and firewalls. Disabling security computer code is unlikely to show off the protection method that's busy bodied with the backup. it's needed to quickly uninstall the third party security computer code to make a copy the iOS a device, if the recent version of that security computer code has not been updated since the newest ITunes unharnesses. Once backing up and syncing your device install and got wind of compatible security computer code. Security's computer code and utilities factory-made by firms aside from apple should be preserved so far to permit communication along with your pc and IOS device.
4. Turning into a replacement User:
Create a replacement user account in your pc to resolve this issue. Being a replacement user (make certain you've got logged out of current user) launch ITunes and check out to make a copy and see if the matter persists.
5. Resetting the imprisonment folder:
Resetting the imprisonment folder will solve this issue. If you'll back up as a replacement user don't reset the imprisonment folder.
6. Backing up from a distinct computer:
If the problems still persist of all the higher than steps, then try to make a copy in an exceedingly completely different pc that has a lively net association, updated ITunes and conjointly all the USB devices are removed."
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Encountering errors during backup in Apple iPhone 3G

Following steps surely help you¼
1. Firstly you have to quit iTunes application.
2. Secondly  please locate your hosts file 
For Mac OS X this is /etc/hosts 
For Windows this is c:windowssystem32driversetchosts
3. With Administrator privileges Open the hosts files.
Add gs.apple.com to the very bottom of the hosts file:
Please connect your iPhone your pc.
4. After that please launch iTunes
Turning the  iPhone/iPad/iPod  off  into DFU mode and after that please hold down  upto 10 seconds both the sleep and power button , after that  please release  power button  of   iPhone/iPad/iPod until iTunes tells you that the device is now in recover mode

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