Employee Maintenance Software Fatal error.

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Good Day! I am using software which is employee maintenance software. If you are familiar to the software that I am using which is attached below, please help me?

I am in trouble about data and back up lost. Is there someone know how to fix this problem? Thanks.


Fatal Error

All Microsoft Dynamics data including backup systems have successfully been deleted. Please contact your system administrator to verify all data has been erased

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Employee Maintenance Software Fatal error.


Hi Lian,


All I can provide you are links which has threads and forums about your problem. If you will read and understand it carefuly, you will get a lot of idea on how to solve your problem regarding issue of employee maintenance fatal error. You can find a lot of solutions in there. Below are the links provided. I hope it helps. Good luck.


  1. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13196_01/platform/docs81/install/prepare.html
  2. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12825_01/epm.111/esb_err_msgs.pdf
  3. http://www.bigfootcmms.com/company/contact-us/

Do not hesitate to message me and ask further questions. It will be my pleasure helping you, Thanks in advance and have a very nice day!



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Employee Maintenance Software Fatal error.



I haven't worked on this application, but it seems like a database application for employees. If that's the case, then from the error message, it's pretty evident that the system's .db files are either corrupted or removed. It could be because of unstable interface or viral action. Either way, you have to restore the .db files. You can restore the .db files with a file restoring software, but these softwares aren't that effective. So, the chances of the problem being fixed is much less.


Sanders Danny

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