Emacs compile error with emacs

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I am trying to compile with emacs using the code but the following error displays.

The image attached below with the error message.

Can you suggest me cause of this error and the proper solution to fix this issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Emacs compile

Exited abnormally with code 2

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Emacs compile error with emacs


Hello Christopher K Davis,

Thanks for posting your problem there. 

Assuming that your program is called Hello Good Morning gcc hello.c the (option) and you don't know what they have just left them out! 

Then type make -k hello.c 

If the above statement is not working you must to put the dirt in front of the name of the file.

At the time of opening emacs and started the buffer you can write the statement this “C-x C-f” for a new buffer..

Simply write the dir name in, i.e if I have hello.c in my /home/guest dir, now I am writing (for gcc) gcc /home/guest.

I get a file named a.out in the same directory as the source code file..now run the program simply write the “./out” I would then get a file called a.out in the same order as the source file… to run the program just type ./a.out when you are in the same dir as the file.

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