Electric shock on touch pad

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I am currently using a laptop  in a lightning prone area. I have noticed that every time a lightning strikes while I am touching the keyboard I feel some sparks and as though am being electrocuted. What could be the problem?

Is it normal?

Or what should I do to avoid any possible danger as I am scared.

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Electric shock on touch pad


Here are the steps you should do to protect your PC from being fried by lightning and also to protect yourself during a lightning storm.

Unplug everything including the telephone and main lines.

The best way to protect your PC is to have a Surge Protector. Make sure it can cover lightning strikes because some do not.

You can also buy a surge protector with a telephone socket so that you can plug your phone line directly.

Don't be confused. Main power lines are not the major source of all damaging surges to the computer. Its the telephone lines since most of the people are using it to connect their computers to the internet through modems or routers.

Always check your electrical devices for damage. But make sure everything is already unplugged  to avoid getting electrocuted.

if you're already experiencing little shocks during thunder or lightning storms, just shut your PC down and make sure to unplug it.

Remember, safety first!


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Electric shock on touch pad


If it's laptop computer and it's not connected to the charger when the electrocution happens, then this should not be related to the lightning that your area is getting every now and then. Even if it's connected to a charger, and lightning strikes and you get electrocuted, it still should not be happening.

This is not normal and computers are designed to be able to protect the user from these kinds of hazards. What you should do is contact the computer manufacturer and have this reported, whether or not the computer is within warranty. This is a cause of concern and threatens life and the manufacturer should take care of this as even outside of warranty a laptop should not electrocute anybody.

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