EIM and SSO Password is set to *None

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The user password is set to *None in certain part of SSO to successfully configure EIM and SSO for Client Access in a Development System and the testing is successful. In such a case, if all the user passwords are set to *None, how is it possible for the users to access their non-SSO mapped drives in NetServer?

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EIM and SSO Password is set to *None


I do not think that when setting up SSO a password of *NONE is will be required, and therefore making SSO easier to use. When using SSO, you can be able to implement one user at a time after the initial configuration has completed successfully. You will need to note that a user that has *NONE as a password will not be able to sign on to a twinax terminal.

What I will suggest is that you set up users with two 5250 emulation sessions on their desktop, and then make one of the sessions to be able to use SSO and then set the other session to the same system in that it will require a user profile and password to be able to sign on to the AS/400.

See if that helps.

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