Effective way to market on the Internet

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Hi there!

I have designed a simple e-Store, where the products I am selling are available for download only. I just want to know the most effective way for me to market my business and how I could attract more customers.

I am also interested in learning how to establish a friendly competition with the giants in the business. Lastly, I want to know if there’s a certain disclaimer I should include in my website.

I hope you can help me. Thank you.


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Effective way to market on the Internet


The best way to market you software, is to create relevant tags to what your site is all about and then perform the following.
Perform a Search Engine Optimization or SEO building. To increase you page rank on website.
Do some Back linking, you can do this by joining forums relevant to your website and leaving a link in your reply a link directing the user to your own website.
Join social networking websites and perform your advertisement on there.
Use Google tools like Adwords to increase more page rank.
Build up your directory.

Don't rely on websites, saying you need to pay something to increase your page link. You don't need to pay anything in marketing your website.

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Effective way to market on the Internet


Using the Internet can market your product online to the fullest. This is a great tool to promote the product and services you offer by the use of this technology.

There are ways on how to market your product online that will, in a way put your website win the battle of online rankings.

You can write an article that will explain almost everything about your product and services. The how-to's article that is so entice to read because of the quality of the said articles.

Use the SEO or Search Engine Optimization technique, an article that uses meta-tags that will increase your rankings on the Internet. You can extend your e-commerce advertising by taking advantage of this so-called social networking.

You can post comments, write an articles, forward links to different social networking websites. Advertise in a very popular websites, do offer prices and paid for click type of strategy if your company is gifted with funds.

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Effective way to market on the Internet



You need to promote your site regularly or establish a good presence on the web.  By doing so, you need to have blogs, post your products on different websites such as ebay.com.  This is actually a “hitting two birds in one stone” procedure, you are able to sell your item and at the same time it can promote your website back.  You can also participate in forums that promotes your blog if your target market is the citizens, then it is better to participate on different websites, like for example here in the Philippines, you can post your advertisements or description of your products that have a “lead” to your website on different e-commerce site, for example https://www.carousell.ph/?slt=null or https://www.pinoyexchange.com/.  By mere participation and putting your link gives a lot of opportunities to sell your products fast.

Better to participate also in different chat rooms like https://talkwithstranger.com/filipino-chat, just talk to the chatters directly and slowly convince them to go to your website and when they see your product and think they are good then there is already sales generation.  Better yet if you do not have any time to do this, you can hire a person that deals with Online Public Relations, it would definitely boost traffic to your website and eventually sales.

For the disclaimer part, it is better to have one like for example that by the click or accepting yes and upon payment and in case of damage due to transportation, the item can be changed by the same kind only.

I think that’s all.  Thanks!

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